Photographs mark the passing of time

Everyone seems to prioritize family pictures when they're young. In fact, many people make it an annual tradition. As you age, and the kids leave the house, your routine matures and you're less likely to have a recent framed image on your wall.

This is unfortunate because all of life's journey is beautiful and worthy of capturing in high-quality photography. Your latest picture might be a picture of just you, you and your pet or you and your partner. No matter what, a portrait is a special way to mark the passing of time in order to create a complete timeline of your wonderful life.

Even if you haven't had pictures done in many years, a church directory photo event is the ideal opportunity to get photos taken. Here are six reasons to get professional photos taken no matter your age.

1. Fun

It can make you feel good to get dressed up and get your photos taken. It's a self-confidence booster, and you might be surprised just how much fun you have.

2. Confidence

There's absolutely no shame in your age, and getting pictures taken proves you're proud of how many trips you've taken around the sun! It's nothing but a number, right? Smile wide and proud.

3. Decor 

You can use your picture to create a beautiful family tree. Start by getting your photo taken and frame it. Then surround it by photographs of all your loved ones. What a moving nod to a life well lived.

4. Connection 

Family and friends are spread out across the country and sometimes around the world. Add a picture to holiday cards, birthday cards or cards that say “thinking of you.” The recipient will find joy in having an updated picture of you.

5. Gifts

You love getting pictures of your grandchildren, but turns out your loved ones would be equally as delighted to get a picture of you as a gift. This works for siblings, children, friends and more.

6. Legacy

Life happens in the blink of an eye. You likely cherish the images you have of your parents and other people special to you. Your own photograph leaves a legacy for others to have even when you're no longer around.

In today's digital era, a printed photograph is something special. Just because you're a certain age doesn't mean that photos become any less meaningful. In fact, with all your experience, wisdom and the network of loved ones you've created over the years, photographs have never been more important.