Top 5 reasons to create a church directory

At Lifetouch, we believe in strengthening congregations of faith by bringing them closer together. One of the ways in which we help accomplish this is by sharing your church memories and stories through a church directory program. Here are the top 5 reasons to create a church directory:

1. Create a sense of community – Help your existing and new families become acquainted with one another.

2. Promote your small groups – Directories help your families get involved in new ways.

3. Church anniversary – Share all of the special memories you’ve created over the years.

4. New or interim leader – Help your new leadership get to know the congregation and connect names to faces.

5. Merging of churches – Families and staff can learn about their new leadership and each other.


To learn more about how a directory can connect your church family, contact Lifetouch today.


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