Tips to change holiday churchgoers into regular attendees

'Tis the season to see your church joyously filled with more attendees than usual. Most churches experience a boost in attendance during the holidays. In fact, recent research has found 61 percent of Americans attend church at Christmastime.

For church leaders, this offers a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with people who have not visited in a while and make efforts to get them to come back more often. To transform holiday churchgoers into regular attendees, consider these smart steps:

Post events prominently: Plan ahead to ensure holiday visitors know what is happening after the holly and evergreen decor is put away for the season. Show your church is a vibrant community year-round by communicating upcoming events, from social groups and family gatherings to Bible studies and mission work. Post the schedule in bulletins and on posters, make announcements during Christmas services and more. Furthermore, identify influencers who can help spread the word at and beyond church (such as at informal groups like book clubs and play groups).

Update the church directory: One event you should plan in the new year is updating the church directory. This is a wonderful community event that will bring back sporadic church members and encourage fellowship. Work with a Lifetouch Church Directory representative to schedule your event and every family that attends will receive a free 8-by-10 photograph and a free printed and mobile directory. Pair the directory event with coffee hours and other social events to draw people in and boost regular attendance.

Pump up digital outreach: Social media is a wonderful way to connect with people, especially younger folks and those who don't attend regularly. Request that holiday visitors "like" your social pages so they can stay in touch. Post regularly with event information, inspirational quotes, photos and videos to keep people engaged. Another strategy is to have a contest. For example, if the church gets 200 new likes by the end of the week, a donor (either named or anonymous) will donate $500 to a church-supported cause.

Be merry and bring a friend: Boost holiday attendance even more by encouraging members to invite friends and family to join them for holiday church services. A survey found 57 percent of Americans who don't attend church at Christmastime would likely attend if someone they knew invited them along. With the help of a friendly invitation, the pews will be that much more full, so you can spread the good word and connect with people who will come back again and again.


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