Partnering with churches to fight hunger in your community

The Lifetouch Feed the Need program

It might be your neighbor, your child's best friend, the senior who lives down the block or someone you would have never guessed — food insecurity cuts across age, gender, and race and affects those in the city, rural and suburbs alike. Having daily access to nutritious food is a basic human need, yet many people struggle to fill their pantry and fridge.

In the United States, 40 million people live in food-insecure households, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture research. Of those, 6.5 million are children!

At Lifetouch, we believe in giving back. We want to support your local food banks and help increase access to nutritious meals. One of the ways we do this is through our Feed the Need program.

How it works

The Feed the Need program works when churches partner with Lifetouch for their directory event. The program has two components that together make an even bigger impact.

1. Earn donation funds through photography sessions

Churches can select the charity of their choice. Often, it is one that helps their local community. To get started, the church will schedule and host their Lifetouch directory event. In turn, Lifetouch gives a fixed amount back to the church for each family that attends a photography session for the directory. This is $1 per session and can be as much as $2 per session during certain times of the year.

Those funds can add up fast! If you have 100 families getting their photographs taken for the directory, you could raise $100 without doing anything else.

2. Food donations earn coupons

In addition to financial donations, parishioners can donate pantry staples to benefit your food pantry, food drive, or outreach initiative. Encourage families to bring in non-perishable food items at any time leading up to or during your photography event. Lifetouch provides $5 off coupons to hand out for each donation and this coupon can be used toward their photography order from the directory event. 

When you combine the two components, you can make an even bigger difference.

Since 2009, Lifetouch has partnered with thousands of churches across the county in support of their outreach initiatives. To learn more about the Feed the Need program and to schedule your next directory event, contact Lifetouch today.


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