How the Lifetouch team makes the church directory process hassle-free

There are so many great reasons to get a no-cost, modern church directory that perfectly reflects your community's vibrant personality. When you work with Lifetouch, the entire process is streamlined and simple, so you don't have to worry about time-consuming tasks, organizational headaches or design conundrums.

Lifetouch's complementary services mean you get access to an entire team supporting your success for free. This experienced support team will assist you with everything you need for promoting your event, scheduling appointments and designing the directory. Your team will consist of a variety of people, including:

Sales expert: Feeling a little confused at first? The sales expert is the person that can help answer any initial questions and assist in selecting the program that's right for you and your families.

Account manager: This is the organizational expert that makes it simple to run a church directory event smoothly. They handle all the needs before and during the event, assisting in sending the promotional materials and streamlining every step of the process. They are also happy to offer ideas on how to get more families to participate in the photography event so you get a full directory.

Product specialist: The ace in your back pocket, the product specialist will know everything you need to do to set up your directory, including designing it to match your vision perfectly. If you have any questions about the directory specifically, the product specialist is your best resource.

Some of the exclusive features you'll get when working with Lifetouch are guaranteed to make your life easier so you have more time for other church priorities:

  • Customizable email services that provide valuable and timely communication to members to clarify the process without being overbearing. They can read, click and take action to learn more and schedule their session.
  • Easy online appointment scheduling puts the power in your members' hands to select a time that works best for their schedule based on the days you select your photography event.
  • A toolkit of printed materials will be sent to the church to help promote the event, including posters and bulletin inserts. This information serves as great reminders in the weeks and days leading up to the event.
  • Digital assets such as web and social media posts are pre-designed and ready for you to customize before uploading onto various platforms.

It might seem too easy and affordable to be true, but the support team, the proven process and the simple tools have helped countless churches get a directory they are proud of without any stress. Learn more today about how Lifetouch can help your church too.