How church directories help connect your congregation

A church is like a beautiful fabric of diverse people brought together by a common thread: faith. While there may be many ways for people to connect at your church, it's easy to fall into routine. People may come and go to service, fading into the day as weeks bleed into months.

As a church leader, you want to continuously provide ways for members to strengthen their connection to the church and with each other. This doesn't necessarily mean planning an elaborate event or expensive outreach program. One simple tool that can bring your community closer is a new, updated church directory.

Don't underestimate the potential of printed and digital directories. They provide a way to help members connect and expand their involvement in the church. Here are just three ways directories help bring together your congregation and boost their involvement with the church:


Have you ever forgotten someone's name, but didn't want to ask? If it happens to you, it happens to your members. Directories are an easy-to-use resource for looking people up so you can reach out and connect both inside and outside the church. Families looking to plan play dates, teens looking to build friendships and adults looking to connect can all find the directory a useful resource they'll rely on regularly.


A thriving church community has various small groups made up of different members with varying interests. This includes committees, boards, Bible studies, mission groups and so much more. Directories can be designed to showcase these small groups, including the people in them as well as their focus and mission. The directory helps spread the word that these groups exist and brings them to life with photography so families can get involved in new ways.


Church provides an important connection people crave in life, not only with their faith, but also socially. Being part of a directory provides pride in community. This is a useful tool for staff as well as members when trying to reach out to new members. Providing directories to those who are interested in joining or have recently joined the church helps showcase what makes the organization so special while also being a useful resource for learning who other members are and what groups are available.

Directories help connect families and assist them in getting involved in a deeper, more meaningful way. Plus, did you know the Lifetouch Church Directory program is free? Learn more about how you can get a no cost printed and digital directory for you members today.