A family photograph is the best treasured keepsake

She maintains the crazy family schedule. She's always there to kiss boo-boos. She listens to everyone's problems and offers empathetic advice. She brings happiness to your family all year long.

There's simply nobody quite like Mom.

Despite her being the glue that holds the family together, you typically don't see Mom in a lot of photos. Mothers in general are the ones behind the lens, trying to capture precious moments of the family. Rarely is her beauty and grace captured in pictures. She may be the memory keeper, but it's time to make more memories with her that last a lifetime. Here are five reasons to get Mom in the picture.

1. Conveys the family bond

Family ties run deep, but they aren't complete without Mom. Make sure the entire family is present at your next family photo session and church directory event. The images will result in cherished keepsakes you'll all adore for years to come.

2. Mom gets to be the star

She always puts others first, but when you get her in pictures, make her feel special by putting her front and center. She'll feel like a star while being surrounded by the love of her family. Professional photographers can help you get the poses just right.

3. Boosts confidence

In addition to feeling loved, encouraging Mom to get in pictures can help boost her confidence. Tell her she's beautiful just the way she is and how much it means to you to have her included. She's bound to blush and feel good about herself.

4. Freezes a moment in time

Your family is constantly changing. By documenting a special moment in time, you'll get to see Mom exactly as she is even decades from now. It's always fun to look back and see how people look, including their unique clothing style and haircuts.

5. It makes a great gift

Ask any mom what's most important to her and she's likely to say family. Images from family photographs can make touching gifts that are ideal for Mother's Day, birthdays, holidays or "just because." It will tug at the heart strings and make her smile.

Photography creates a treasured keepsake. Mom is sure to look back and be grateful for having the opportunity to be in a family photo, rather than taking it without her. Get Mom in the picture today!