Directory insight: How to feel confident that members' information is safe

You cherish members and know they are the lifeblood of the church. These people are family that join together to worship, enjoy fellowship, support each other and so much more. You care tremendously about each and every one of them, which means when you're researching options for getting a new directory, you want a trustworthy choice that provides impressive results.

Lifetouch Church Directories has been providing churches across the country with beautiful directories for decades. It's more than just getting the best directory featuring modern, stylish photography in a format that's easy to use. It's about a seamless process that prioritizes members' safety and security now and in the future.

 Church photography safety

Trust is essential in the company you select to take your members' photographs and construct an accurate directory you can be proud to distribute and use daily. As the leader in church photography, Lifetouch takes multiple steps to protect your community's personal data and ensure a safe photography experience.

Get important peace of mind knowing that all Lifetouch employees, including photographers, undergo annual background checks. In addition, the technical platforms used are backed by encrypted technology to ensure member data is safe and secure. What's more, Lifetouch does not sell, trade or share member data with unaffiliated third parties for their marketing purposes.

Church directory control and security

Once you have gone through the church directory process, the leaders at the church have the responsibility to keep members' information safe. A directory is a useful tool that also showcases the best aspects of your organization, but it has a lot of private information, including images of people young and old. It's important to keep this information safe.

As part of the Lifetouch program, you get free printed and mobile directories for leadership, staff and families. The mobile directories fill the need to have an agile option that is easy to access and update. The mobile directory is also simple to change to keep members' information secure.

The administrator of the mobile directory has the ability to hide any information at any time for members. For example, if a member no longer wants their phone number included, you are able to remove it. You also can hide anyone completely, so if someone moves or wants to opt out of the directory, you can easily make that change.

Prioritize safety and security

A directory is a wonderful tool for churches. It helps everyone get to know each other and it can be created to showcase some fantastic church offerings, programs, missions and more. It also has a lot of personal information, which is why Lifetouch takes such detailed safety and security steps.