Call out to Mom: It's time to get in the picture more!

If you look on any mom's cell phone, you'll find a collection of pictures of her children's adventures. If you look at her home decor, you'll find framed photos of the kids throughout the years. Likely, a peek at her office or photo albums yields the same results.

What's missing from these amazing images? The very woman who makes those kiddos' worlds go round: Mom herself!

Mom is often the one behind the lens taking the pictures, so she isn't present in a lot of photos. What's more, she might simply be too humble to take a piece of the spotlight. Mix that with other feelings of self-consciousness many women have, and you just don't see mothers in pictures as much as they deserve.

Moms: It doesn't matter if you're not your goal weight, your hair is a mess, or you think you look tired from being up late with the kids - you should be part of pictures! If you don't do it for yourself (how fun is it to reminisce years from now?), do it for your children (these images will become cherished keepsakes).

Here are some simple ideas for getting mothers in front of the camera and creating pictures that matter today and in the future:

Put the camera away: Insist she put away the camera...or at least hand it over for a while! Other family can take pictures to ensure she is in some of them. It can even be fun to give the camera to the kids and get their photographic take on activities and events.

Tell her she's beautiful: Being a mother is a gift from God. Tell her she's appreciated and stunning no matter what. Then snap a picture of that smile and the glow that comes from being a mother at any age.

Get the kids to ask: Children can be surprisingly influential in getting what they want from Mom. Set them on a mission to ask Mom to be in the picture with them. Pretty please with a cherry on top! She won't be able to resist.

Church opportunities: Celebrate moms at Sunday services on more than just Mother's Day. Then encourage members to take snapshots of her at church with family and post to social media, tagging your organization.

Participate in church directory photo events: Create and sign up for a Lifetouch Church Directory event and invite all families (including moms of course) for a free professional portrait session where they get a complimentary 8x10 photograph for participating.

Create a gift photo books: Once you have a beautiful collection of pictures that include Mom, don't let them disappear into the digital abyss. It's easy to create and order stunning Shutterfly photo books, which make great gifts all year long!

It's time to give Mom the photo attention she deserves. Use these tips to help get her in front of the camera more so you can have images you can cherish for a lifetime.