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Become an Inclusive and Welcoming Faith Community

For those new families, the pictorial directory serves as a resource to learn names of fellow parishioners. But the benefits of matching a face to a name aren’t only for those that are new, it is also helpful for those members who have attended for years. We’ve all had those moments when you see someone and don’t remember their name or haven’t seen someone in a while and need a reminder. Additionally, the church directory program serves as a keepsake, a snapshot of your faith community through the years.

Lifetouch Unites Your Faith Community

For more than 60 years, Lifetouch has helped connect families like yours. Currently, we offer four event options at no cost to your church.

Community Connect is the latest Lifetouch option, designed to be easily updated as your community grows and changes. Once your faith family is photographed, a compact size (5.5 x 8.5”) directory will be printed and also available online. Subsequent photography events will take place to keep your directory up-to-date.

The Classic Directory serves not only as a reference tool, but also as a beautiful keepsake with history and activity pages included to help tell the story of your church. These 8.5 x 11” directories include family contact information while also capturing moments and memories. A complimentary mobile directory is also included.

In today’s technology-focused world, a Mobile Directory allows you to have your faith family at your fingertips. The mobile directory is included with every pictorial church program, providing you with images and contact information on-the-go. Quick-links to phone numbers and email, along with a mapping addresses feature, makes this a terrific tool for connecting with your faith community. This directory is customizable and updateable so the information remains current.

Photography only is the final option and a great opportunity for families who simply want family photos.

A welcoming community knows one other, and at Lifetouch, we are honored to help bring faith communities closer together.


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