8 unique church fundraising ideas for spring

Fundraising should be a year-round effort for churches of all sizes. No matter the reason you're raising money - for a mission trip, for improvements to the building or for a charity of choice - it's important to select enjoyable and effective fundraising activities.

One of the best ways to organize fundraising ideas is to think about seasonality. That means right now you can use spring to inspire charity efforts. Opportunities are plentiful, including:

Spring yard sale: As members do their spring cleaning, ask them to bring in unwanted items in good condition so you can host a yard sale to raise proceeds. Volunteers can organize the event and man the stations, so there is minimal overall cost.

Easter egg hunt: Easter is a special time for Christians and the festivities can be tons of fun for kids. Organize an egg hunt at a local park and open it to the public. Sell tickets ahead of time so you can plan for the appropriate number of people.

Mother's Day tea: Invite mothers and daughters to participate in a special Mother's Day tea party complete with tea service, finger sandwiches and pastries. Sell tickets noting a charity designation. 

Fun walk/run: Host a fun run or walk where families can participate and go at their own pace. This can be fun to do on church grounds or where people can sponsor a certain amount of money for each lap.

Golf tournament: Golfers are waiting to take a few good swings by the time spring arrives. Help them start the season with a bang by hosting a golf tournament at a local course. Organize teams and get ready for fun.

Plant sale: Partner with local farmer or flower producer to see if you can get a bulk discount price on seedlings. Then host a plant sale where people can come and purchase plants for their annual garden.

Mowing for a cause: Spring means more than yard work, which is cause for much grumbling from homeowners. This also means it's a great time to host a "mow for a cause" event where a team of mowers tends to lawns for a set price.

School break getaway: Whether it's spring break or another time of year when there isn't school, host a fun kids camp experience where volunteers have fun with kids all day long and the money charged for care is put toward a special cause.