8 fun ideas for celebrating a church anniversary

Whether it's the first, the 10th, the 100th or even more, church anniversaries are a special time to honor the history of the community, the accomplishments of the members and the unique memories that have been created by all.

Let these eight ideas inspire you as you plan your next big church anniversary:

Party time!

Hosting a party is a fun way to celebrate, plus you can customize the event to your church's personality and membership demographics. From themed dances to community carnivals, there are many options for parties that honor the anniversary while encouraging fellowship.


Hosting a meal can be a wonderful addition to a party, but it can also be a standalone event if you prefer. It could be a fancy multi-course catered dinner you sell tickets for, a more causal pizza and bingo night, or even a potluck where everyone brings a dish to share.

Feature story

If you're approaching a big church anniversary (20, 50, 75, 100 years), take a tip from PR pros and contact your local paper to see if they would be interested in doing a feature story on the church. If the church has deep community ties, this would be a wonderful opportunity for a reporter to write a piece.

Outreach efforts

Your church has many causes they support. Members want to make a difference, and a church anniversary is a great reason to get out and help. For example, volunteer to pack food at a local food bank, host a food drive or holiday supply drive, or help local elderly residents with lawn work.

Highlight photography

Images can tell such an important story and if you have pictures of church events throughout the years, utilize them in a unique way to showcase the anniversary. For example, create a slideshow to be shown during services and at any events you plan. You can also make posters of photo collages and hang in gathering spaces for people to enjoy throughout the anniversary month. Finally, use photography to create a brochure or booklet that members can enjoy at home year after year.

Update directories

Celebrate this important milestone by creating a church directory dedicated to the anniversary. Host a free photography event with Lifetouch Church Photography to get an updated directory and all members who participate receive a complementary 8x10 print. You can design the directory to have special pages that honor the history, anniversary and other memories of the church which makes a wonderful keepsake for all.

Guest speakers

Consider hosting special events with speakers presenting topics of interest to members. Or, invite former leaders to be guest speakers or guests of honor at events. Just imagine how fun it would be to do a series of sermons and have previous pastors speak at each, or, even give a keynote speech at the feature event.

Youth ministry

Don't forget about your littlest members during anniversary months. Gather youth leaders to brainstorm ideas that kids would think might be fun. Would they enjoy a coloring contest? A dance party? Relay races and other games during Sunday school? The sky is the limit.