7 spectacular ways to celebrate Pastor Appreciation Day

Pastor Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on the second Sunday in October. This event occurs during Pastor Appreciation Month. Whether you celebrate the singular day or the entire month, this is the perfect time to show appreciation for all that priests, pastors, reverends and ministers do for your church family. These ideas are sure to inspire:

Slideshow during services: Get a group of volunteers to collect pictures of the pastor throughout the last year that can be used to create a thoughtful slideshow. It shows just how much is accomplished in 365 days and how many people the pastor has touched. Then show the slideshow at each weekly service for all to enjoy.

Signed directory: Forget cards and instead opt for a community gift that will be cherished forever. Use a printed Lifetouch church directory and invite all church members to sign by their picture, adding their thoughts of gratitude in the open spaces. Once done, gift to the pastor, who can flip through the pages and feel the love. 

Candy cards: If you want something cute and meaningful as a gift, consider putting together a candy card. Figure out your pastor's favorite candy and try to use it in fun phrases. For example, you've made "mounds" of difference in our lives, even when we act like "airheads." Get creative and make it fun!

Kids performance: There's something about kids singing that melts the heart. Have students learn songs at school or religion class and then present to the entire congregation on Pastor Appreciation Day during services or the coffee hour. Bonus points if you can find out a favorite artist or song and have the kids sing it.

Deliver dinner: Consider delivering a themed dinner to the pastor's residence, and if applicable, include his or her family. A few fun theme ideas could include Mexican fiesta, bite-size dinner foods, beach or lake, rustic barbecue, farm, retro or even a particular movie. Get creative, and if you can tie it to the pastor's interests somehow, even better. 

Collect letters of thanks: Plan ahead by requesting all church members write or type a letter of appreciation to the pastor. It could be how they've made a difference, a reflection on a particular sermon or even pictures colored by children. Have one person collect these over the month prior and then present to the pastor to read leisurely as time allows for a guaranteed smile. 

Surprise party: When all else fails, you can't go wrong with a surprise party. It could be a simple coffee hour planned behind the scenes or a blowout with balloons, food and music where everyone jumps out and screams "Surprise!" 

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