6 budget-friendly ways to spruce up your church lobby

The lobby of your church is one of the most important spaces in the building. It's where members enter preparing to worship. It's where people stop to visit, enjoying the fellowship that strengthens a congregation. It's where guests get their first glimpse of what makes your church unique, and those first impressions count.

If your lobby is looking a little drab or dated, you don't need a complete remodel to update the space. A few simple DIY projects and affordable additions will transform the space into a stylish, welcoming area that conveys the church's personality beautifully.


This is a high-traffic space, so walls can quickly get scratched, dirty and smeared, especially by the curious little fingers of children. Wiping down walls regularly helps, but when you want to really refresh the space, it's time to paint. Paint is one of the most affordable yet impactful things you can do to create a clean, inviting lobby. Neutral tones are often preferred, but if you want to add some energy and visual interest, paint a focal wall in a stunning shade, perhaps the church colors. It will definitely elevate the aesthetic of the room.


On the focal wall, by the office or in another key part of the lobby, consider adding photography that conveys what makes your church so special. People come to church to worship, but they often stay for the people. Frame pictures of the recent mission trip. Add images of the summer retreat. Show pictures of children wide-eyed and smiling at class or vacation bible school. Hang up the images of church leadership and office workers with bios so people feel instantly connected to staff. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!


Faded, dated and mismatched furniture doesn't always convey an ideal image. Coordinating furniture made in commercial-grade materials is best to look great and stand up long term. However, if that's not in the budget, look at discount or bulk supply stores for options with deep discounts. If you can only afford to replace a few pieces, consider the ones that really stand out as the centerpiece of the room. If the couch is key, focus on that. If accent chairs are often utilized, maybe updating those would be a better option.


Greenery does more than just create oxygen. Research shows it may boost mood, which is certainly something you hope to do with every person who visits your church. Adding some plants is a wonderful way to make a lobby more inviting to people of all ages. They do take some care, but if you research low-maintenance house plants such as a spider plant, rubber tree and peace lily, you'll find options that are easy to care for and hardy for virtually any space.

Books and directories

You can create a strong sense of community while subtly, inviting guests to linger in the lobby when you add thoughtful literature and publications to the space. A coffee table book is a simple example. Photo books of church events or outreach efforts are another great option. Of course, put your free Lifetouch Church Directory to good use by always having a few available in the lobby for people to flip through. This helps enhance the space and showcases what makes your church one of a kind.


Fluorescent overhead lights are necessary for large communal spaces with church lobbies, but they often look harsh and cold. Replacing entire lighting systems is too expensive for most churches, so instead of replacement consider enhancement options. Keep your existing lights and enhance your lobby space with accent lighting. Floor and table lamps are great for creating a cozy, inviting area. String lights are another easy option that warm the room and can also be used strategically to visually separate areas within the lobby, such as delineating a sitting space from the access to the bathrooms.

You don't need a big budget to revitalize your lobby space. Make it the room that welcomes by updating with thoughtful, affordable design options.