5 ways to give your coffee hour a spring refresh

Church coffee hours are wonderful periods of friendship and fellowship for people of all ages. It's a time that brings people together, helping new members feel welcome and existing members feel at home.

While coffee hours are a beloved event, they can fall into a bit of a rut over time. Is your coffee hour due for a refresh? Spring is a great time to try something new at your coffee hour! Here are five coffee hour updates inspired by the spring season:

Farmers markets bring fresh flavors: Warmer weather means farmers across the country will begin to produce a bounty of fresh flavors. Always keep visitors on their toes by offering fresh fruit and vegetables from your local farmers market. Not only will you support the local community, but it's a wonderful way to embrace the best healthy and fresh foods from your hometown. Cut up fruits and vegetables on trays, serve in salads or get creative!

Floral arrangements brighten spaces: Bring in fresh flowers to set an upbeat atmosphere this spring. You may even be able to get bouquets while at the farmers market! An alternative woud be to bring in planted flowers which can be cared for and last longer than bunches of cut stems. Arrange on tables so everyone can enjoy the beautiful colors and fresh scents!

Inspiration quotes create positivity: Spring is a time of renewal, not only for Mother Nature, but also the human mind. Create a positive setting by adding inspiration quotes to a wall where people congregate for coffee hour. You'll help inspire deep thoughts and insightful conversation when you paint a wall with decorative chalk paint. Then use the wall to write favorite quotes and swap out the copy every week or so. Invite visitors to share their favorite quotes as well. 

Spring decor provides a fresh look: No need to remodel your space for spring; simply update your decor and you'll get the refresh you crave. Think about adding new tablecloths in fun gingham prints, napkins in pastel shades and a few colorful pillows with a spring theme. It's amazing how a few simple touches can completely update a space in an instant.

Add activities to renew coffee hour attendance: Conversation is an important aspect of coffee hour, but a little directed activity can be good from time to time. Shake things up by planning a board game tournament. Get people moving with a few lively relay races where families compete against each other. You might even bring in guest presenters to speak on a certain topic. From inspirational speakers to local authors, the options are endless.