5 fun youth ministry Valentine's Day activities

Youth ministry leaders and religious school teachers change lives every day by helping kids grow in their faith and friendship. These groups form strong bonds and enjoy celebrating together, and Valentine's Day is no exception. To make Cupid's favorite holiday special for your favorite group of kids, consider these fun youth group activities:

1. Heart relay race

Plan an array of fun activities that everyone can participate in, such as a relay race. This promotes teamwork and camaraderie. Put candy hearts in bowls and place them on each side of the room. Divide groups into teams and have everyone take turns moving the hearts from a full bowl to an empty one with a plastic spoon. For older kids, make the game more difficult by creating a larger distance between bowls. For younger kids, move the bowls closer so it's easier. Then let the laughs commence!

2. Valentines

You want to give the kids a little something to take home, but all those cheesy Valentine's Day cards at the store just don't say what you want to convey. Instead, consider this free printable from Paintbrushes and Popsicles that features John 3:16 aligned in a beautiful manner that also highlights the word "Valentine." Print these out, add a treat or trinket, and hand out to the whole group.

3. Pose and smile

Purchase some inexpensive photo booth props or make your own and bring dress-up items from home. Then, set up a backdrop on a wall with hearts, Valentine wallpaper or other themed decor. Finally, let kids pose for fun pictures together using the silly props. Print pictures or post online (with their permission, of course) on the church's social media accounts.

4. Frame fun

Reuse those hard candy hearts from the relay race in a decorative craft that everyone will enjoy. Purchase plastic picture frames from the dollar store and let kids glue hearts on the side to create a colorful frame. Once dry, place a special bible verse inside or add a picture from the photo booth activity and send home for a fun way to capture memories of youth group.

5. Cupcake bar

As a final activity, set up a table with all sorts of Valentine candy. Make or purchase cupcakes with plain white frosting and then pass out to the group. Then let each person decorate the cupcake as desired. People often do this with sundae bars, but with cupcakes it takes on a new twist, plus kids can choose to eat it there or take it home to enjoy later. What a sweet treat for all those sweeties!