6 tips to prepare for family photography

Your church just scheduled Picture Day for a new directory. You're excited to attend with your family, but you also have a few jitters. What to wear? Will the kids cooperate? How will everyone look? 

A little smart preparation can go a long way toward ensuring a successful family photography session. Consider these 6 simple tips before your next church directory pictures:

1. Start preparing a week in advance

This allows adequate time to get outfits and mindsets ready. If you have kids, use this time to explain what will happen and your expectations on behavior. Talk about how it's a special occasion that should be a lot of fun so you set a positive tone. You might even make it an event and plan to go out for pizza or ice cream afterward!

2. Select nice outfits featuring basics

For families, coordinating colors (but not exact matching outfits) often look best. Try solid-colored clothing or simple patterns. Don't forget about shoes, too! They may show in some photographs. If you need glasses, feel free to wear them. You want your photos to capture the true image of your family.

3. Think about people and poses

Lifetouch professional photographers will suggest poses that make your group look great, but you may have a few in mind of your own. Think about what you may want ahead of time. With permission from your church, you may be able to bring extended family, such as grandparents, or even the family pet, to be included in some of the photography.

4. Bring props and meaningful items

You can personalize your photo by including items special to you and your family. A child's lovey might make a sweet addition to the picture while calming fears. A family Bible or rosary could be a special focal point in the photo. Even a musical instrument could showcase your family's unique personality.

5. Eat before you leave

Kids are notorious for getting "hangry" — angry when they get hungry. To avoid meltdowns from hunger pangs, eat before you head out for your photography session. Parents should grab a quick snack, too. Full stomachs make for happy, patient families. Then you can brush those pearly whites right before heading out the door.

6. Plan for an hour

Lifetouch professional photographers greet you and walk through what to expect during your portrait session. Allow for about an hour to check in, be photographed and view digital images. You'll select your directory photograph at that time and have the opportunity to purchase additional photography for yourself, from the different poses that were taken.


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