5 reasons to have family pictures taken

Your kids get school pictures done every year and you frame them with pride, but when is the last time you got family photos taken with everyone present?

Has it been years? Not since the kids were born? Ever?

While school pictures are an annual tradition, it's not as common for families to gather to get family pictures taken every year. This is unfortunate because family pictures are a wonderful way to preserve moments in time and bring everyone together.

You'll never regret taking time to get family pictures done. Here are five reasons why now is the time to explore options like planning a church directory photography event at your place of worship.

1. Document growth for the future

Oh, they were so little! Look at how much hair I had! Wow we look like teenagers! These are the sorts of comments that happen when you take out photo albums and look at old images. It's a joy to see what family members looked like years or even decades ago. Family photos capture the growth evolution of all ages so you have a cherished keepsake.

2. Real connection to the real world

In today's digital world, there's something special about a printed portrait. While cellphone images are often forgotten, the photos framed in your hallway and office become part of who you are. Plus, when you get photos taken and display them proudly, you're showing your family they are a priority. This even helps build self esteem in children.

3. Create emotion and memories

A positive photo experience such as getting family photos done at church is a wonderful way to bond and create memories. What's more, photos taken during a certain year are instantly tied to memories created at that time, so you can look back fondly and remember what you and your kids were doing at that age.

4. Heirloom photography connects generations

You have your grandmother's quilt and your grandpa's Army jacket. Family photography is just as important. These help shape legacies, strengthen lineages and help us feel closer to those who are no longer alive. Consider high-quality family photos a gift for future generations.

5. A true gift for all

Getting family pictures done is like giving yourself a gift, but it's more than that. Family pictures make a wonderful present for others. If you're looking for great gift ideas for an upcoming holiday, anniversary or birthday, beautiful family portraits are sure to be appreciated by your loved ones.

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