The 4 C’s of fellowship: Coffee, community, comfort, and church

When selecting a diamond, the four C's are significant. With the right combination of carat, cut, color and clarity, you can ensure that the stone will become a cherished heirloom. When it comes to bringing religious communities together, another four C's are also significant.

Coffee, community, comfort and church are the foundation of fellowship across religions and denominations. Having a high-quality coffee hour at your church will consistently attract members, encouraging ongoing bonding and stimulating growth. The more you know about the four C's, the stronger your religious community will be.



The average coffee drinker in the US. drinks three cups per day. This equates to 66 billion cups per year. Coffee is more than just a java jump in the morning; it's something we all have in common. Coffee is a tradition that brings people together. When enjoyed at church, it fuels fellowship and underscores the importance of community, not to mention lifting the spirit.


Coffee ministries are about more than just hot beverages. It's about inviting visitors to stay a little longer, get to know each other better, and make church more than just an hour-long to-do in their day. The focus is to bring people together in order to strengthen the bonds of the church community. Really, it's amazing to think that one simple beverage has the power to do such great things.


Coffee is like liquid courage that helps people interact with each other. When you look over and another person is holding the same cup, it's a simple yet profound connection. It doesn't matter if you're 20 or 100, coffee is an unassuming beverage. Suddenly, different generations are getting to know each other at coffee hours, smiling, laughing and sharing. New friendships form, couples greet each other and parents exchange stories as their children play.


Coffee hours have been used by religious organizations for decades. Church is always the heart, but coffee is akin to the lifeblood of the community. Sure, members come to worship, but they stay afterward for a cup of joe. The simple scent of fresh brew can entice people of all ages to stay, mingle with each other or perhaps sit and flip through the church directory. It's good old-fashioned hospitality, welcoming long-term members and new visitors alike.