COVID-19 Updates to Lifetouch Church Photography

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on the way we are able to connect with one another and our ability to provide photography services. Out of deep respect for the core work you do in bringing communities together and caring for their spiritual needs while protecting one another and helping to slow the spread of the virus, we are putting all Lifetouch Church Photography on hold. We have made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel all upcoming photography programs this Fall. While we can't say for certain how long this will last, we are very much looking forward to connecting with you after this pause in our operations about how we can provide the best photography program possible for you and the members of your community. Questions? Please contact us.


Church directory and family photography programs for everyone

Creating meaningful connections is an important step in building and growing your church community and helping you achieve your goal of fostering families that feel connected. Lifetouch partners with you and offers photography and church pictorial directory tools that build these connections - at no cost to your church. 

"I wanted you to know about the professional job your photographers have done here at Willis Baptist Church. You are to be commended for the personnel that came our way. We would be happy to use Lifetouch again." Yours in Christ, Jerry A. Scott, Pastor